What is the impact of history on personality?

What is the impact of history on personality?

History helps a person become wiser and cultivates love for the motherland and patriotism. Knowledge of history helps to look at the world in a new way to influence the country’s future. Man is a real and the only possible factor in history because he produces certain actions and determines the existence of certain spheres of social life and historical activity. In this regard, history appears as the unfolding of inner human potential. Everything that happens in history is full of human aspirations, interests, efforts, sufferings, etc.

On the other hand, history specializes in man. The latter always appears as a man of a certain epoch, a certain historical type of society; even in professional terms, man is historically determined. Therefore, today educators are actively concerned about ways to study history in schools and other educational institutions. The main purpose is the proper development of knowledge about historical events that are important to each of us. For this purpose, teachers ask students to write an assignment how does history shape who you are essay, and prepare term papers and courses works. It is impossible to bring up a conscious person without teaching him to respect his ancestors and the country’s history.

Main features of the essay to consider

The main features of the essay as a genre include:

  • Small volume. It should be limited to 1000 words, which is approximately 3.5 pages. Although students can write works of a slightly smaller volume during the educational process,
  • Defined topics. You have a clearly defined topic or question and should build your argument based on it.
  • Subjectivity. When creating an essay, you should focus solely on personal experience and point of view. It is important to argue your attitude to the topic as if you are trying to convey an opinion to your best friend.
  • Metaphors. When writing an essay, using emotionally colored images, vivid comparisons, and metaphors are allowed. The essay can be filled with dreaminess, melancholy, and emotions.
  • Spoken language. The work should create the illusion of live communication with the reader. The author can ask exclamatory and rhetorical questions, follow his unique writing style and integrate his individuality into the text as much as possible.
  • Non-triviality of the approach. The essay differs significantly from dry and informatively accurate essays in its art and openness to the new. Unusual titles and well-chosen quotes allow the essay’s authors to move away from boring and worn-out templates.

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